The pictures on this page were taken by amateur astronomer/photographer Bob Thompson. He took the pictures from a cruise ship on February 26, 1998 near Montserrat, British West Indies (in the Leewards southwest of Antiqua).

The following comments are more-or-less Bob's comments in his original transmittal of the graphics.

Three of Bob's images are on this page - each is about 20K. (A second page is linked below Image #3. The second page has two more photos, one of 150K and one of 75K.)

Below: Image #1 - Taken 10 min. before totality.
Image #1, 22K (ECLP3a.JPG)

Below: Image #2 - Totality begins.
Image #2, 21K (ECLP4a.JPG)

Below: Image #3 - Here is another image taken about 2 min. into totality with a faster shutter speed.
Image #3, 18K (ECLP5a.JPG)

The next two images (these larger images of 150K and 75K will take longer to load.)
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