Photograph by Ben Granett.
The image below is from a slide transparency taken by a young Explorit Astronomy Club member, Ben Granett at the club's meeting Thursday September 26 at West Davis Elementary School.
It is a multiple exposure of the lunar eclipse that we watched that evening. The slide shows the totally eclipsed Moon and to its lower right, the planet Saturn, as they climbed through obscuring layers of dust and smoke in the air. Such pollution is a typical condition here in autumn. To make this picture, Ben took seven exposures on one frame of 35 mm Kodachrome film through a camera using a 100 mm lens.

The exposures were made at 5 minute intervals, with each one lasting approximately 5 seconds. When at last the eclipsed Moon rose above the polluted layers of air, many at the meeting that night concluded that the eclipse must have ended earler than predicted!
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