Readers' Comments

• Reader in California:
"I'm really enjoying it. I'm planning to use it as a birthday record... that is, I'll be writing the birthdates of everyone for whom I track such things in the appropriate places. It'll then become pretty much a daily reference. Oughta have the entire book memorized within the next dozen years or so. :)

• Reader in Scotland:
"It's such a clever compilation. Congratulations on its publishing! Apparently most people look up their own birthdays first when they open The Diary. I must admit to being very odd because the first thing I read was most of January. My next dip covered indices (indexes?) and a few random dates. Only on the third approach did I look up my birthday and those of the nearest and dearest, and study lots of the drawings. On the fourth dip, I read the preface and introduction and looked up lots more people. I still have lots to read and it is a book to come back to time and again. Well done."

• Reader in California:
"Congratulations on such a beautifully put together book which is interesting, original and so attractively produced with such delightful illustrations."

• Reader in California:
"Wanted you to know I bought your book for my daughter's 13th birthday. It is perfect. The book is an excellent work. I bought her Rachel Carson's biography for Xmas too."


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