The Book Of Science Days

Facts about the book

  • For years-long enjoyment on your desk
  • It's a scientists' book of days.
  • A perfect gift for family member, friend or client
  • On 225 exquisitely illustrated diary-pages, read about the work and discoveries of scientists throughout history.
  • Read how practicing scientists of today discovered and enjoy their vocation.
Explorit Science Center's "Book Of Science Days" is a 240 page book of days created to be of interest to scientists, lay people interested in science, those in need of a different type of diary, and educators looking for resources to help with their middle and high school science teaching.

The book was developed by Anne Hance and the eighty original drawings which appear on each set of facing pages in a month and are scattered on the front pages and end pages of the book are by artist Kathy West.

The book is arranged like a diary. The days are numbered but are not assigned any named day of the week. There is a statement for every day of the year about the work of at least one scientist born on that day. In total there are 458 daily entries 60 of which are about women scientists. There are three indices, one for all scientists whose birthdays are included, a separate index for the women scientists, and a subject index. Eleven original mini-essays of 200 to 300 words are included, one at the beginning of each month. These essays were written by scientists specifically for this book. Also, used with permission of the Cousteau Society, is an extract from a letter written by Jacques Cousteau to the Davis, Explorit Science Center.

The Introduction to the book is written by Dr. Michael Dietrich, History and Philosophy of Science, University of California, Davis. Dietrich says "The range of entries offered here, wonderfully demonstrates that great science has been practiced in a number of different ways by men and women from a variety of cultures and societies. .... I hope that this book of days will help foster both a sense of the historical diversity of science and scientists, as well as, an appreciation of the value that this diversity of opinion and practice has for science today and in the future."

The scientists who have written brief essays exclusively for this book include:
Lars W. J. Anderson,
Thomas Cahill,
Carol Erickson,
Mont Hubbard,
Kelly Stewart,
Geerat J. Vermeij,
Kenneth L. Verosub,
and Richard F. Walters all of UC Davis,

Richard E. F. Leakey of Kenya,
Glenn E. Nedwin of Novo Nordisk Biotech, Inc.,
and Edward Teller of UC Berkeley.

The new book has been written to further Explorit's mission of informal science education. Explorit is a nonprofit, public benefit, educational 501(c)(3) California Corporation and, like most nonprofits throughout the nation, works hard to diversify the sources of funding supporting its science programs.

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