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Science Challenge #6

Question 1.What is the name of the substance that as early as 1785 was used to treat heart failure by British physician William Withering. It acts by increasing the force of heart muscle contractions. This substance was (and still is) obtained from the leaves of the foxglove plant ?

Question 2. Malaria is caused by infection with protozoal parasites called plasmodia. Specifically what female, blood sucking agent is responsible for transmitting this infection ?

"THE STUMPER!" During WW2 in Germany, one of the earliest programmable, automatic, general purpose digital computers was developed. It was called Z3 and pre-dated Howard Aiken's Mark I; and in many ways was more advanced than ENIAC. The designer responsible for the development of Z3 was: Alan Turing, Konrad Zuse, Werner von Braun, John von Neumann, or Claude Shannon?

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