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Science Challenge #10

(Responders are from many places in the U.S. and even from overseas)

Question 1.The membraneous eardrum in your ear is in contact with three tiny bones in the air-filled space called the inner ear. What is the name of the smallest of these bones?

Question 2. The retina is part of the back surface inside your eye. It has two kinds of special cells that are sensitive to light and are named because of their shape. What is the name of the type of cell that is sensitive to light of different colors?

"THE STUMPER!" Giotto di Bondone (b. 1266, d. 1337) was a Florentine painter and architect whose name was given to a space probe launched by the European Space Agency in July 1985. The probe passed within 600 km of which comet on March 14, 1986?

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