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Science Challenge #12

Question 1. Two people were ultimately responsible for the creation of Apple Inc. They are both called Steve. What are their last names?
Question 2. There is a very easy rodent oriented net-wide index to computerized archives that is quite commonly used on the Internet. It is routinely identified by what acronym?
Question 3. Our normal numbering system is a decimal system (0-9). Computers do not have ten fingers. They are basically operated on the basis of on/off switches that are most appropriately described by what numbering system?
"THE STUMPER!" In 1969 the U.S. Department of Defense commissioned an experimental, wide area network for research into computer networking. The network, not used by the military, had its first node at UCLA. This network, the precursor to today's Internet ceased to exist in 1990. It is normally referred to by what acronym ?

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