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Challenge #18

Question 1.
Some plants contain substances that cause moderate to severe reactions when eaten by humans. Which of the following plants has a part (flower, berry, leaf, root, bulb, etc.) that is "poisonous" to humans?
a) Rhubarb,
b) oleander,
c) daffodil,
Question 2.
There are MANY different types of edible mushrooms but about two dozen types are poisonous to humans. Which of the following is edible - ie. NOT poisonous ?
a) The Panther (Amanita pantherina)
b) Fly agaric (Amanita Muscaria)
c) Tiger Tricholoma (Tricholoma pardalotum)
You are in the local super market looking at boxes of cereal. You look carefully at the printed information on the boxes and notice that Blue Puffs are 50% more expensive than Yellow Crisps and contain 20% less weight than Green Flakes. The box of Green Flakes is 50% heavier than the Yellow Crisps but costs 25% more than Blue Puffs. You like all three cereals (!) but have to be economical this week so which cereal do you buy ?

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