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Science Challenge #28

Challenge Question #1 -
Who invented the machine of which this picture is a part?
Mystery engine

This 1820 predecessor of modern electronic calculators was designed to calculate and to print nautical tables for ocean navigation purposes. It was invented by a professor of mathematics at Cambridge University in England. He built an experimental model in 1822. In 1832 his chief engineer assembled a section of the engine that still works flawlessly but the complete device was not built during the designer's lifetime. In 1834 he devised a more sophisticated device whose capabilities are strikingly similar to modern electronic calculators.

Who is this person who is generally celebrated as the ancestral figure in the history of machine computing?
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Question #2 -
For a number of years computers have been able to communicate over an international network called the Internet. In order to do so an accessory called a modem is needed to change the format of the electronic information from the computer so that it can travel over regular phone lines.
a) In what format is the information as created by the computer?
b) What format does the information need to be in in order to travel over a regular phone line?

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Question 1. Correct answer received from: an@nd, Russ, James Alton, Jason Coffer
Question 2.
a) Correct answer received from: muchata, Dan, an@nd, Russ, James Alton, Jason Coffer
b) muchata, Dan, Russ, James Alton, Jason Coffer

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