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Science Challenge #29

Challenge Question #1.
Which of the following is a by-product of wine making which, after recrystallization, is valuable to the home confectioner?
  1. Algol
  2. Argol
  3. Argon
  4. Algae

Challenge Question #2.
According to recently reported research (The Lancet, 21 September 1996, Vol.348, #9030, p.834), which of the following substances present in chocolate and red wine is particularly good for your heart and bloodvessels?
  1. Pheromone ectohormones
  2. Polyunsaturated fats
  3. Provitamin precursors
  4. Phenolic antioxydants

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Names of those with correct responses
Question 1. Correct answer received from: Tobias, Jason Coffer, russr, rajdeep (Youth), Richard Mireles, Blarne, Kirby, LAanne
Question 2. Correct answer received from: Kate C (Youth), Hanna (Youth), Jason Coffer, Yoyo, birdman, russr, Doss, R Devine, Richard Mireles, Blarne, balde, Kirby, leroy, LAann, ender, darrell, Peter.

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