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Science Challenge #32

Challenge Question #1.
In ancient Rome certain small vinegar pots were shaped like deep egg-cups to hold roughly the equivalent of one-eighth of a modern pint, or 66.4 millilitres. This was a standard measure of liquid and dry capacity at that time.
What part of the human hip is named after that standard measure (66.4 ml.) contained by these Roman vinegar pots?
Challenge Question #2.
When a slab of concrete consisting of sand, gravel, cement and water is poured - for example, as a foundation for a house, - the concrete sets-up hard by a process which involves which of the following?
a) Evaporation of the water content?
b) Settling of the sand and gravel into a more compact form?
c) A Chemical change in which cementing molecules get bigger and link together?

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Question 1. Correct answer received from: Only one person: russr.
Question 2. Correct answer received from: russr, Clint, Terri, April, Roy.

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