Kids Science Challenge #12

Question 1. - Introduction:
Living things grow in systems in which energy and food are cycled to support the community of plants and animals in each system. We call each complex community of plants and animals, microorganisms, soil, water, air and sunlight, an "ecosystem" (an ecological system).
At the base of the foodchain in every ecosystem there is a living part of the system that is self sustaining. This part of the system converts energy from the sun into energy-storing molecules though a process called photosynthesis. These molecules become food for those living organisms in the ecosystem that cannot use the sun's energy this way.
What is the general, common name for the type of living organism in an ecosystem that manufactures simple food substances through photosynthesis?

Question 2. Introduction:
It is quite easy for the balance of nature in an ecosystem to be disturbed if one or more of the aspects of the systems changes - for example, if a particular type of plant or animal is added to or disappears from the system.
Human activities quite often upset the balance of nature. For example, when humans burn wood, coal or gasoline the waste products that result from the burning can result in sulfur and nitrogen compounds being added to the air. They are carried up to the level of the clouds and become incorporated into rain drops. The rain that contains such raindrops can cause changes to the water of lakes and rivers so that fish die.
Question 2.
What is the general, common name for this destructive sort of rain?


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