Kids Science Challenge #13

Mystery scientist Challenge Question 1. - Who is this scientist?:
This English scientist (1766-1844) whose first name was John, rose from a very humble Quaker family to be internationally famous in his own time. He kept a daily record of the weather from his early childhood until he died.

But he became famous not for this prodigous feat but for being the first person ever to conceive the idea that atoms of different elements have different weights. His 'atomic theory' was developed from his studies of gases. (However, this scientist did not discover the reason why different atoms have different weights.)

You can find the scientist's last name by unscrambling the letters A D L N O T


Challenge Question 2. - What is the common name of the substance whose molecules each consists of two atoms of the gas hydrogen and one atom of the gas oxygen?
[All matter is made up of atoms that are most commonly arranged in clusters called molecules. Oxygen is a gas. Each molecule of oxygen has the chemical formula O2 which means that it is made up of two oxygen atoms. Carbon dioxide is also a gas. Each molecule of carbon dioxide has the chemical formula CO2which means that it is made up of one atom of carbon and two atoms of oxygen. ]

Names of those who sent correct responses
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