Kids' Science Challenge #14

Challenge Question 1. - What makes the Earth rotate?
(Even though as we live our daily lives we are not aware of the Earth's rotation, it is in fact spinning on its axis as it orbits the Sun.)
a) Forces created by the Sun cause the Earth to rotate?
b) Our solar system was formed from a huge, hot, spinning mass and Earth simply has not yet stopped spinning?
c) The rotation is caused by the interaction between Earth's gravity and the gravity of Earth's Moon?

Challenge Question 2. - Which of the following is a metric unit that can be used in the measurement of the mass of a substance or an item?
Centimeter, liter, pound, gram, calorie, dyne, erg, volt, ampere, ton.

Names of those who sent correct responses
Question 1. Correct response received from: FHFHFHF.
Question 2.Correct response received from: Kate C., Kaitlin S., Lizzy S., Bob, Morgo, dh, smartie, "FHFHFHF", Jessica C., Jessica L., nb ab.

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