Kids' Science Challenge #15

Challenge Question 1. Do spiders have muscles? [REFERENCE]

Challenge Question 2. - What mammal found throughout most of Africa south of the Sahara and across Asia has distinct dark, rosette shaped markings on its coat which varies in base color from yellow through shades of brown; has a harsh coughing roar, swims and leaps well; and is an opportunistic hunter catching and eating small mammals, including monkeys, giraffe calves and rodents, and even insects. Is this animal a wolf, a camel, a bear, a leopard, or a giraffe? [REFERENCE]

Names of those who sent correct responses
Question 1. Correct response received from: Shivraj S., AVL., kkellester, Jenny A. (adult)
Question 2. Correct response received from: Shivraj S, AVL., Happy Meal, emma, kkellester, Caleb D, waroonal, k., Diablo.

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