Kids' Science Challenge #16

Challenge Question 1.-
The Moon is smaller and lighter than Earth and has less gravitational pull. As a result of this, an object on the Moon weighs about one sixth of what it would weigh on Earth.
Let us suppose that on Earth, in your regular clothes, you weigh 60 pounds (or 27 kilos). What would your weight be if you were standing on the Moon - also in your regular clothes (ignoring the fact that in reality you would need to be wearing a spacesuit).

Challenge Question 2.-
The closest star to Earth is our Sun. What element, existing in the extreme heat of the gaseous body of the Sun as protons and atoms, comprises about 90 percent of the body of the Sun?


Names of those who sent correct responses
Question 1. Correct response received from: Charles B., david coleman, Muffin, anders (adult), lew, millie, Claire A., Anna P., brenda, Kim M., Erika, triple d., kid, Stoffer H, rina brien, JJonn, Smart Kindergartner, George, lindsey l., Sophia M.

Question 2. Correct response received from: Charles B., Muffin, Claire A., Anna P., Kim M., Stoffer H., rina brien, Smart Kindergartner, lindsey l., Sophia M.

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