Kids' Science Challenge #17

We hope that you will try these experiments yourself either before or even after you have checked our answers.

Challenge Question 1.
What happens when you comb your hair briskly with a plastic comb and then immediately hold the comb close to (but not touching) the top of a thin, slow, steady stream of water from a faucet?

    a) Nothing, b) the water stream bends as it flows past the comb, c) the comb twists in your hand like a dowsing rod.

Challenge Question 2.-
What temperature water in a container standing in your freezer will freeze fastest?

    a) hot water, b) cold water ?


Names of those who sent correct responses
Question 1. Correct response received from: Namratha M., tdt., Kenneth W., Cooper M., Alicia M., Carol, dayna r., Lena L., derya g., Kimberley E., Rouge S., veronica s., Drew A., hc., Kelly M., Josh S., Mike, Brandon C., Mini-mw, Gregg, Outrageous, Acridian.
Question 2. Correct response received from: tdt., Cooper M., derya g., Kimberley E., veronica s., Josh S., Brandon C. Bianca T., Smiley B., Vanessa.

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