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Explorit Community Science Projects (CSP)

This is a collaborative science program for the people of Yolo and surrounding county communities. A new topic is selected every few years.


  • "Feathers In Your World" - the 2016 Community Science Project 

CSP Feathers In Your World small logo.jpg

The 2016 - 2017 CSP will include county-wide community events at Explorit and lectures at other venues. It will also include "Where Is My Feather" a Citizen Science project on The goal of this Citizen Science Project will be to create a catalog of bird distribution as evidenced by the presence of feathers. The project will engage the general public, children and families in scientific data gathering experiences (supported by partner-lead field trips, talks, and workshops) in order to instill a practical understanding of science as an investigative activity. See More


  • "Spiders In Your World" - the 2012-2014 Community Science Project 

csp spiders in your world logo.jpg Explorit's 2012-2014  Community Science Project (CSP) incorporated community events including science lectures, a citizen science spider observation survey project, and a creative writing aspect

During 2012 and 2013 members of the public were able to participate by doing home research experiments, entering a photography show and spider art contests, and attending a Spider Spectacular event at Explorit. 

Two aspects of the Spider CSP are continuing indefinitely"Where's My Spider", which is an Explorit citizen science project hosted by iNaturalist, and "Web of Words" which is Explorit's 'spider' creative writing project.
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