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Davis Astronomy Club at Explorit

Black Hole Photographed! On April 10, space enthusiasts finally got to see what a black hole and its shadow really looks like with the release of the first ever photograph of a supermassive black hole at the center of a massive galaxy (M87) in the Virgo galaxy cluster. Prior to this momentous occasion, the presence of black holes could only be indirectly inferred by their gravitational effects on the surrounding space and matter, and all black hole images in the media were either artist renditions or computer simulations. This breakthrough was accomplished by observing the heart of the M87 galaxy using eight different ground-based radio telescopes in four different continents virtually linked together to form one earth-sized telescope known as the Event Horizon Telescope. The data obtained then was algorithmically integrated to produce the historic image of the bright ring-shaped accretion disk encircling the dark shadow region where the immense gravitational pull of the black hole does not allow any radiation to escape, not even light. Please join the Davis Astronomy Club on Saturday, May 11 starting at 7:30pm at the Explorit Science Center (3141 5th Street, Davis) for the discussion on black holes. Everyone is invited to the free meeting indoors, followed by a star party outdoors (weather permitting). For more information, please contact Vinita Domier at

  • Davis-Explorit Astronomy Club
When May 11, 2019
from 07:30 PM to 10:00 PM
Where Explorit Science Center
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