The initiative for founding this science center came from a small group of Davis residents with science and education backgrounds who perceived science as a valuable and fascinating endeavor. They were interested in augmenting the quality of life in Davis and were excited about the possibility of creating a new style of science center which would present science to people of all ages and backgrounds in a "friendly, involving manner".

• "A Look Back at the First Twenty years"
The history of this center as serialized in 2002-03 in the quarterly "Science Centered" Newsletter.
The Foundation Years 1979-1986 by Nicole Starsinic
Changing, Expanding; 1986-1992 by Nicole Starsinic
1992 to Today by Nicole Starsinic
Looking Ahead to the Future by Suzanne Ullensvang
"The Davis Science Center Story"
Taken from the booklet written in 1991 by Anne Hance and illustrated by Cynthia Wong Leonard.

The Davis Science Center Building Planning 1984-1991

A Chronological History 1979 – 1999

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