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A hearty thanks to all Explorit’s volunteers

This article appeared in the August 26, 2011 edition of the Davis Enterprise.

By Lisa Justice
Special to the Enterprise

Explorit Science Center offers many ways to engage in hands-on science experiences.  None of these experiences would be possible without the support and hard work of our volunteers.

Explorit would like to thank the many hands that assisted in assembling and installing and maintaining museum exhibits.  And many thanks to the volunteers who aided in presenting the exhibits to the public.  Families and individuals alike all benefited from your care and attention.

Explorit’s education staff routinely relies on the support of those who help facilitate school field trips to our site.  Students discovering scientific and natural phenomena in their own back yards were enriched by your guidance.

This year’s summer science camp was a rousing success thanks to a small army of teen and adult volunteers who assisted with activities and bonded with students.  Camp classes were conceptualized with the aid of interns from U. C. Davis who put their education to use helping design lessons and activities for campers. 

And special thanks to the members of Explorit’s Board of Directors who supply visionary leadership to Davis’s science center.  Your support and direction has helped to ensure many hands-on science experiences.

Thank you to all Explorit’s volunteers from 2010-2011: Jiro Abe, Brandon Adcock, Elizabeth Adgers, Kristine Anasco, Lars Anderson, Lisa Aquilina, Neary Arpajirokel, Ilke Arslan, Julie Asperger, Sarah Augusto, Dominik  Badawi, Dr. Rick Baker, Ashlyn Barbieri, Seth  Baird, Alexis Barton, Elizabeh Baskins, Addie Beck, Malerie Beck, Leah Benci Woodward, Steve Bick, Jennifer  Blanc, Kevin Blanc, Jennifer Bolen, Lauren Boulanger, Jenny Broker, Timmy Brown, Aaron Brown, Pedar Bruce, Tabatha Bruce, Eveleyn Budenhagen, Anna Bui, Asha  Byrd, Karen Carberry-Goh, Kayla Case, Richard  Chew, Edward Chiosso, Eileen Clapp, Shayne Clementi, Emma Clouse, Logan Condon, Nabor Contreras, Juan Contreras, Matthew  Corey, Jeff Dale, Chris Daubert, Andres de Loera-Brust, Nathan de Ropp, Anne Delane Dishong, Jaylen Dewitt, Brian Dhooge, Jackson Durham, Betsy Elzufon, Sara Enders, Eric Feldman, Nathan Feldman, Tim Feldman, Margaux Filet, Claire Finn, Ellen Finn, Erin Fong, Gabriel  Fong, Gina Ghiglieri, Martina Glaros, Amanda Glazer, Cory Guebels, Vanessa Guerrero, Anne  Hance, Sandy Harcourt, Kelly Harkins, Michelle Harris, Adam Havner, Rich Healy, Kristy  Hoe, Lauren Holtz, Jason Hong, Andy Huang, Sarah Huber, Amanda  Jamal, Gareh Jita, Aubrey Johnson, Caitrin Jones, Sandrine Journet, Murtaza Kahn, Jennifer Karolewski, Andrew  Kasbari, Murtona Khan, Alexandra Kowalski, Lilly Kugel, Dustin Lambert, Dawnisha Lane, Laura Lavernia, Andrew Lee, Danielle Lieske, Monica Lindholm, Jordan Lipson, Monica Lopez-Islas, Jasmin Loui, Bob Lufburrow, Andrew Mackenzie, Aidan Mager, Aamia Malik, Derek Malone, Alex Marelich, Megan  Mateo, Liam Mayr, Dante Mazza, Daisy McKim, Sue McKinney, Fiona  McNerney, Nashiz Memon, Allie Meredith, Dominique Moreno, Katherine Murdoch, Katherine  Neithercutt, Trina Nerow, Tina Nguyen, Tarin Noonan, Sophia O’Neal, Daniel Ooi, Ali Osgood, Leah Ostroff, Debra Ouyang, Randy Ouyang, William Owens, Kap Pandey, Jayna Patel, Brenna Perry, Donald Pinckney, Samantha Poeppelman, Nick Pohl, Thomas Privalsky, Amy Ragsdale, Shari Ranasinghe, Sylvan Ransom, Sanchita (Gunjari) Raychaudhuri, Eugenea Raychaudhuri, Dave Reed, Jamie Remy, Vanessa Reneau-Kaywood, Usama Riaz, Jennifer  Richwood, Jack Riley, Kayla Roberts, Lauren  Robison, David Roser, Cristina (Ale) Ruiz-Jimenez, Janette Rullamas, Nick Ruppel, Shawn Rutan, Nick  Sabbadini, Joe Schaaf, Carl Schmid, Tyler Scott-Okerblom, Nicolas Seban, Ioana Seritan, Rubia Siddiai, Qudsiah Siddiai, Bismah Siddiqi, Eli Smith, Deborah Soliz, Steffan Soosman, Kyla St. Clair Dodsworth, Shelby Stahl, Miranda Steidler, Jack Steindorf, Barb Swedo, Cass Sylivia, Mclean Taggard, Melody Tai, Allan Telford, Angela Thang, Maya  Thompson, Eddie Tian, Rebekah Tsang, Mark Unger, Tess Van Schoor, Anna Walton, Jordan Weston, Amy Wilson, Elizabeth Wilson, Janelle Wong, Ruby  Woods, Brian  Wu, Spencer Zenner

Explorit Science Center’s 3141 5th St. site is the location for field trips, programs for groups, astronomy club meetings, and Summer Science Camp.  It is also the hub for Explorit’s traveling programs that reach an 18-county region.  The site is open to the public for special events and to groups by reservation. For more information call (530) 756-0191 or visit

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