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It's the summer of the spider with Explorit's Spider Spectacular

This article appeared in the June 29, 2012 edition of the Davis Enterprise.

By Sarah Thomas

Special to the Enterprise

Spiders have gotten bad press; with the exception of Charlotte, spiders have been portrayed as scary, deadly creatures out to hurt people. To ease some fear and educate the community on the important role spiders play in our ecosystem, Explorit will be hosting 2 Family Exploration weekends all about spiders in conjunction with their pilot Community Science Project, “Spiders in Your World”. 

How do spiders not stick to their own webs? How are insects and spiders different? Can a spider live underwater? All these questions and more await your exploration! There will be lots of hands-on activities and opportunities for all ages to explore the often hidden world of spiders.

Explorit will be open at 3141 5th Street from 1-5 pm on July 7th & 8th and August 4th & 5th, and admission will be $5. Admission is free for members and those ages 2 and under. 

Hands-on, minds-on is how we like to do things at Explorit. During our Family Exploration events you will get a chance to climb through a spider’s web, eat the way a spider does, make a spider saver, cook up an edible spider, and spin your own web! Can you make a spider with recycled materials? We challenge you! 

Special guests from the UC Davis Entomology Club will be on hand to share their expertise. So go ahead, ask lots of questions and find out everything you want to know. There is a great deal to learn about these wonderful animals, and you may be surprised at how much false information about spiders has been buzzing around in your head.

We’ll have several different species of spiders you can get a close look at. From Phidippus regius to Grammostola rosea (Jumping spider to Tarantula) find out what makes these eight-legged creatures so unique.  Go on a “Spider Safari” in Mace Ranch Park and find out what spiders inhabit Davis and learn how you can participate in the Community Science Project. Get more info at


Explorit’s coming events:

• Family Exploration, “Spiders Spectacular” is open from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. Saturday, July 7 and Sunday, July 8.  Come explore the science of spiders through hands-on exploration and learn how you can get involved in Explorit’s Community Science Project “Spiders in Your World.”   


Explorit Science Center is located at 3141 5th St. and features a hands-on science exhibit open to the public the first full weekend of the month. For more information call (530) 756-0191 or visit, or “like” us on Facebook at

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