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Name That Plant in One Click

This article appeared in the July 21, 2017 edition of the Davis Enterprise.

Name That Plant in One Click

Explorit's own Curcubita pepo L. (field pumpkin). Photo by Lisa Justice.


By Lisa Justice

Special to the Enterprise


Have you ever been for a walk through the neighborhood or a local park and been struck by an unfamiliar plant? What kind of plant is it? Is it indigenous to this part of California? What if you don’t remember to look it up when you get home?


Luckily, there’s now an app for that. Pl@ntNet, a joint project presented by Inria, Cirad, INRA, IRD, Agropolis Fondation and Tela Botanica, aims to increase knowledge about the plants we encounter each day, build a database of plants local to each user, and track plant species with GPS data.


Using the free Pl@ntNet app for IOS or Android and the camera on your smartphone or tablet, you can take pictures of the plants you see and upload them to Pl@ntNet’s database. Then you can use the observations function to match your photo with the thousands in Pl@ntNet’s database to identify what you see.


Plus, every time a user shares a photo with Pl@ntNet, it enhances the app’s ability to correctly identify different plant species. And, if you turn on the GPS function, the scientists behind Pl@ntNet can use that information to track different species, particularly invasive ones.


So with just a click of your smartphone you can not only answer that nagging question of what plant you’re looking at, but you can also contribute to a global database of botanical knowledge.



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