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Wonders of Waves and Science fun at Explorit’s Camps

This article appeared in the June 17, 2016 edition of the Davis Enterprise.

Wonders of Waves and Science fun at Explorit’s Camps

Campers excavate a simulated archaeological dig at Summer Science Camp. Photo by Kirby Araullo.


By Lisa Justice

Special to the Enterprise


Summer Science Camp is off to a roaring start at Explorit Science Center. This past week campers have worked together to create model home that run on solar and wind power, used forensic science to solve mysteries and discovered new ways to recycle and save the planet.


In Wild, Wavy World, a camp about energy, first- and second-graders have harnessed sound waves to move and race small objects. They have experimented with different forms of communication including Morse code and international signal flags, and they have even designed, built and cooked with their own solar ovens!


Third- through fifth-grade campers meanwhile have become our planet’s greatest champions in Stewardship Earth. From modeling the water cycle to repurposing recycled items into bird feeders, they have been hard at work innovating ways to protect and preserve our most precious resource.


And afternoon campers have experienced a vast array of different sciences all in one week! From archaeology to human biology and forensic science, there’s been much to explore.


On Monday, forensic science helped campers unravel clues and draw conclusions about what happened to a missing millionaire. Tuesday brought maps and a scavenger hunt as students honed their cartography skills.


Wednesday’s campers delved into archaeology by excavating, reconstructing and interpreting artifacts. Thursday brought out their inner engineers with bridge-building challenges, and on Friday campers explored the many ways their bodies use water, ending with some refreshing water play.


You can join in the camp fun at home with this activity from our Energy camp. To explore the many applications of solar power, campers will be experimenting with trying to block and limit the power of the sun by trying to slow down the melting of an ice cube.


You will need: ice cubes, a sunny spot, scissors, masking tape and a variety of recycled materials like cracker boxes, yogurt cups and egg cartons. You may also want a stopwatch or timer to keep track of how long it takes your ice cube to melt.


Use your recycled materials to construct a protective structure to keep your ice cube cool. What kinds of material do you think would work best to protect your cube? Cardboard? Plastic? Something else? Why?


Then put one ice cube in your protective structure and set it in the sun. Also set out an ice cube all by itself with no protection. Use the time to see how fast they melt. Do they both melt at the same time? Does one take longer? Why?


Or you can join one of our amazing camps and check out this and many more fun activities. You can register online now at




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