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Some links on this site don't work for me.
Why is this?

On this site some pages including our Challenges and Quizzes use "JavaScript" to create a new, small, browser window, or a browser "Javascript Alert", to provide you with a brief statement or with an answer to a question.

This is a very useful technique but, just once in a while, a visitor to our pages discovers that those links do not work for him or her.

There are several circumstances
in which the links above will not work:

  1. You are browsing with an older browser that has no JavaScript capability built in to it.
  2. You have actually turned JavaScript "OFF" in the preferences/options section of the browser you are using.
  3. You are using the Google toolbar and have "popups for this site" blocked
The situations created in 2. and 3. above can be corrected by changing your settings (options)

NOTE: JavaScript and Java are two different things. This site does not use Java Applets.