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12 Reasons Why Giving To Explorit Is Totally Worth It

There’s plenty of talk and media headlines about the need for improved science education in our schools, preparation and training for STEM-related careers, and more emphasis on developing thinking skills. But how?

Explorit is a non-profit, hands-on, informal, science center founded in 1982 to help spread interest in, and understanding of the science of our everyday lives including all STEM or STEAM topics and issues such as the health of our local and global natural environments.

What you can do:

Support Explorit by making a donation at

Why is it worth it? Take it from the people!

Below are just some of the many positive evaluations we received from teachers and parents from across the 17 Northern California counties we serve:

1.  “I can count on Explorit to deliver quality programs.”
1. count on explorit.jpg
2. “Young elementary students are concrete learners
—they need to experience science hands-on to internalize it.”
2-concrete learners.jpg
3. “Above and beyond. The variety and interest!”
3. above and beyond.jpg
4. “Best: The variety of hands-on experiments.
Your program allows everyone an opportunity to participate at every level
—very important for families.”
4. best variety.jpg
5. “Critical thinking, problem solving, innovation.”
5. critical thinking.jpg
6. “I liked that the Educator explained the machines at their level
and the students had a lot of time to explore.” (Classroom Adventure)
6. educator explains.jpg
7. “It followed much of our curriculum which was great! Front loading,
review, and peaked new interest.”
7. followed curriculum.jpg
8. “It was entertaining, educational and hands-on!”
8. educational entertaining handson.jpg
9. “They loved all of it. The live animals and the skulls held their
attention the most.” (Early Childhood Adventures)
9. early-childhood-adventure.jpg
10. "My daughter would come home saying,
“Science is awesome! I want to do more science.”
10. science is awesome.jpg
11. “Our living room has been transformed into a STEAM lab
—she comes home ready and wanting to keep building.”
11. transformed living room.jpg
12. “It was positive. It provided multi-age activities
so families could be together.”
12. families together.jpg

What we do and why:

Explorit’s innovative, interactive school- and family-oriented programs are focused directly on this problem. Each year, over 30 thousand children and their families in 17 northern California counties are encouraged to hone their discovery and thinking abilities while at the same time to appreciate the fun and joy of science in their lives. These life-long skills are essential for children’s success throughout their education and careers and provide a solid basis for understanding social and environmental issues in the 21st Century. Explorit’s staff and Board of Directors are very proud of these contributions as we continue on in 2016 - our 34th year!

So what are you waiting for? Donate to Explorit!


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