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Past Lectures

A listing of Explorit's CELS lectures from 1998.


January 15:  Understanding Schizophrenia and ADHD. Dr. J. Daniel Ragland, Associate Professor at the UC Davis Imaging Research Center; Dr. J. Faye Dixon, Child Clinical Psychologist at the UC Davis M.I.N.D. Institute.

February 19:  The New Digital Sky: Exploring the Dark Side of the Universe. Dr. J. Anthony Tyson, Astrophysicist and Professor of Physics, UC Davis, and Director, Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) project.

March 18:  Flying Cars and the Future of Travel. Dr. Paul Moller, Founder, President and Chairman of the Board, Moller International.

April 15:  What Made Us Human? Comparing the Human and Chimp Genome. Dr. Katherine S. Pollard, Assistant Professor, UC Davis Department of Statistics and UCD Genome Center.



January 16:  Discovery and Development of Natural Products for Pest Control. Pamela Marrone, Marrone Organic Innovation.

February 20:  Proteins That Make Us Tick: An Atomistic Vision from Computer Simulation. Toby Allen, UC Davis.

March 20:  Evolution vs. Intelligent Design: Which is Legitimate Science? Maureen Stanton, UC Davis.

April 17:  Stem Cells 101: Everything you've ever wanted to know about stem cells but were afraid to ask. Mark Zern, UC Davis Medical Center.

May 15:  Glycan Analysis: A New Tool for Detecting Cancer, Suzanne Miyamoto, UC Davis Cancer Center.



January 17:  Skycar Volantor: Personal Airborne Transportation in the 21st Century and Beyond, Paul Moller, Moller International.

February 21:  Robots and Post-Surgical Patient Care, Lars Ellison, UC Davis Medical Center.

March 21:  Molecular Architecture: The Foundation of Nanotechnology, Marc Mascal, UC Davis.

April 18:  Discovering Extrasolar Planets, Chris McCarthy, San Francisco State University.

May 16:  Why We Study Monkeys, Sandy Harcourt, UC Davis.

September 19:  Leftovers to Lights: Bioenergy Technology Update Ruihong Zhang, UC Davis.

October 17:  Seeing the Invisible with Biophotonics Marco Molinaro, Center for Biophotonics.

November 21:  Invasion of the Delta Snatchers: How Aquatic Exotic Plants Nix Niches. Lars Anderson, UC Davis.



January 18:  New Applications in Deep Sea Robotics, Tyler Schilling, Schilling Robotics.

February 15:  Got Omega-3? Developing a Land-based Alternative to Fish Oil, Virginia Ursin, Calgene.

March 15:  Journey to the Center of the Earth, Louise Kellogg, UC Davis.

April 19:  Can People and Mountain Lions Co-exist in California? Walter Boyce, UC Davis.

May 17:  Fuel Cell Vehicles and Hydrogen Fueling: Work in Progress, Adam Gromis, California Fuel Cell Partnership.

September 20:  Courtship in Bowerbirds and Grouse: Using Robots to Study Animal Sexual Behavior, Gail Patricelli, UC Davis.

October 20:  Soy as a Functional Food in Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Clare Hasler, UC Davis.

November 15:  Atmospheric CO2 and Global Warming: Ocean Acidification of the Past and Future, Ann Russell, UC Davis.



January 20, Dinosaurs and other Mesozoic Reptiles of California, Richard Hilton, Sierra College.

February 17, The Geology of the San Francisco Bay: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow, Doris Sloan, UC Berkeley.

March 16, Biotechnology: Solutions to Balance Better Living with a Cleaner Environment, Glenn Nedwin, Novozymes Biotech.

April 20, Brain Differences in Children with Autism: What We Are Learning from Neuroimaging, Susan Rivera, UC Davis.

May 18, Weather, National Weather Service.

September 21, Life, Death and Resource Pulses: The Hidden Ecology of Periodical Cicadas, Louie Yang, UC Davis.

October 19, The Search for Life on Mars: New Data and New Opportunities, Dawn Sumner, UC Davis.

November 16, Problems at California's Water Faucet: The Competition for San Francisco Delta Water, Brian Bergamaschi, US Geological Survey.



January 21:  Pacing Bears and Twirling Mice: Mental Disorder in Captive Animals, Joseph Garner, UC Davis.

February 18:  "The Green Edge: Renewable Energy Sources in the 21st Century, George Simons, California Energy Commission.

March 18:  Life in Toxic Deep Sea Vents, Seeps and Local Mudflats, Alissa Arp, San Francisco State University.

April 15:  Primates: How Do Zoos Manage These Species? Leslie Field, Sacramento Zoo.

May 20:  West Nile Virus Update, Susan Maggy, Sacramento and Yolo County Mosquito Vector Control.

September 16:  Gone in 10-20 Seconds! First Particles after the Big Bang, Daniel Cebra,UC Davis.

October 21:  Nanomaterials all around You, Alexandra Navrotsky, UC Davis.

November 18:  Lake Tahoe: Using Science to Move Beyond Conflict, Charles Goldman, UC Davis.



January 15:  Foot and Mouth Disease in the United Kingdom: The Outbreak, the People and the Impact, Pam Hullinger, Veterinarian, California Department of Food and Agriculture.

February 19:  Vortices Large and Small: Studying Cyclones through Superfluids.

Discover how physicists are applying superfluids to the study of vortices: everything from the flow of a bathtub drain to the airflow behind an airplane wing. Rena Zieve UC Davis. 

March 19:  First Steps: Early Fossil Record of Our Ancestors, Henry McHenry UC Davis.

April 16:  Sand-dune Ecosystems Around Mono Lake: A Win-Win Model for Ecological Restoration, Catherine Toft UC Davis.

May 21:  Sutter Buttes: Volcano in the Sacramento Valley, Brian Hausback California State University, Sacramento.

September 17:  Memory, Aging, and the Brain, Beth Ober, UC Davis.

October 15:  Fires in Space: Micro-gravity Combustion Research, Ralph Aldredge, UC Davis.

November 19:  To Dust Returneth: The True Story of Air Quality at the World Trade Center Site, Thomas Cahill, UC Davis.



January 16:  Exploring Nanomaterials: Production of Quantum Dots and their Possible Applications. Susan Kauzlarich, UC Davis.

February 20:  Solving the Mysteries of the Great White Shark Peter Pyle, Point Reyes Bird Observatory.

March 20:  Malignant Tumors: Can a Laser or Nuclear reactor Help? A promising and exciting medical technique that destroys tumors with lasers or nuclear reactors will be discussed by Susan Autry-Conwell of the UC Davis School of Medicine and the executive director of the Center of Excellence for Laser Applications in Medicine. Susan Autry-Conwell, UC Davis.

April 17:  Volcanoes and Water:An explosive mixture on Earth and perhaps Mars Peter Schiffman, UC Davis.

May 15:  Deep Probe of the Distant Universe: Marc Davis, UC Berkeley.

September 18:  The Biology of Fairy Shrimp, Christopher Rogers, Invertebrate Ecologist, Jones & Stokes.

October 16:  Searching for Cosmic Intelligence, Seth Shostak, Public Programs Scientist, SETI.

November 20:  The Secret Chemical Warfare of Marine Organisms, Ted Molinski, UC Davis.



January 18:  The Thick-billed Parrot: North America's Only Surviving Native Parrot - Susan Healy, Sacramento Zoo.

February 15:  DNA to Chips to Information to Knowledge - Richard Rava, Affymetrix, Inc.

March 21:  Natural History of Longevity - James Carey, UC Davis.

April 18:  Tailpipe to Asthma: You and Your Car - Debbie Niemeier, UC Davis.

May 16:  Recent Earthquakes in Turkey and Taiwan: How Earth's Forces Affected Civil Infrastructure - Ross Boulanger, UC Davis.

September 19:  "The Human Genome: Holy Grail or Pandora's Box? R. Scott Hawley, UC Davis.

October 17:  The Scientific Aspects of the Horizontal Jumps in Track & FieldThe long jump and the triple jump are controlled by the basic principles inherent in Newton's laws of motion. Today's athletes rely on scientific and engineering modeling techniques to help produce successful jumps. Professor and coach Ramey will provide insight into these techniques through computer based models, recent research and films of actual world class performances. Melvin Ramey, UC Davis, Civil & Environmental Engineering.

November 21:  California's Control Program for Pierce's Disease and the Glassy-winged Sharpshooter Tom Esser, California Department of Food and Agriculture.



January 19:  Forensic Investigations: Truth and Consequences - David Howitt, UC Davis 

February 16:  Geosciences and the Arts - Raymond Pestrong, SF State University

March 16:  Heavy Ion Physics: Creating "Big Bangs" in the Laboratory - Daniel Cebra, UC Davis 

April 20:  Sand Rights: Preservation of California's Coastline - Orville Magoon, Guenoc Winery

May 18:  Human Ancestors - Henry McHenry, UCDavis

September 21:  MTBE Contamination of Groundwater: Can Microbes Clean Up Our Messes? - Kate Scow, UC Davis

October 19:  Living and Working in Antarctica - Kenneth Verosub, UCDavis

November 16:  Computer Security: Fact or Fantasy (or both?), Matt Bishop, UCDavis



January 20, Lessons Learned, Yet Again, Floods of 1997, - Jeffrey Mount, UC Davis.

February 17, The Future of Deep Sea Robotics - Tyler Schilling, Schilling Robotic Systems.

March 17, New Monitors to Prevent Patient Awareness During Surgery - Dr. Warren Smith, CSU Sacramento.

April 21, Imaging Atoms and Molecules on Surfaces - Shirley Chiang, UC Davis.

May 19, DNA - More Than Just A Blueprint: - Glenn Nedwin, Novo Nordisk Biotech, Inc. 

September 15, Electric Cars: Can They Go The Distance? - Andrew Frank, UC Davis.

October 20, Gorilla Conservation In The 21st Century - Kelly Stewart, UC Davis.

November 17, Tending The Wilds: How Native Americans Used And Shaped California's Landscapes - Kat Anderson, UC Davis.

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