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Homeschool Science Adventures

Starting September 1, 2016

Reserve a special program for your homeschool group!  Join with other homeschool families for a science adventure at Explorit Science Center! [DOWNLOAD FLIER - 4MB]


  1. An Explorit educator facilitates a hands-on science investigation at Explorit's Davis site.
  2. Topics are age specific and can accommodate up to 20 children
  3. We require one adult chaperone for every seven children.
  4. Programs are available Tuesday through Friday
  5. Each program is 75 minutes.
  6. Reservations are made by phone at (530) 756-0191 or by email at



  • $100 for up to 12 children.  Each additional child is $10. 
  • The maximum number of children is 20.


Homeschool Science Adventure Topics - as of September 1, 2016 

  • Creature Features (ages 4 – 6) Investigate animal traits, characteristics, and adaptations with specimens and live animals.
  • Machines at Work (ages 4 – 6) Explore the six main types of simple machines while experimenting with the forces of motion.
  • Catch a Wave (ages 4 – 6) Discover waves—see the sound waves of your voice or use vibrations to move objects.
  • Junior Geologists (ages 7 & up) Explore the forces and characteristics of volcanoes, earthquakes, rocks, and mineral forms.
  • Harvesting Energy (ages 7 & up) Experiment with energy sources and how they can be converted into heat, light, and motion.
  • Small, Smaller, Nanotechnology (ages 7 & up) Investigate the nanotechnology in nature, health, biology, energy, and the environment.
  • Microscopic Marvels (ages 7 & up) Discover the tiny pictures on coins and the miniscule animals living in a drop of pond water. Through the lens of a microscope, there’s much to explore. 
  • Nature in your Neighborhood (all ages) Explore the soil, plants, and animals in the park ecosystem.


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