Explorit's ASTRONOMY Quiz (Level I)

QUESTION 1: How distant is the closest star?
54 million miles away
72 million miles away
93 million miles away
127 million miles away

QUESTION 2: The North Star, known as Polaris, is the brightest star in the sky?

QUESTION 3: Saturn, with its rings, could just fit between the Earth and the Moon ?

QUESTION 4: You are making a model of the Earth and Moon to show their relative sizes and massiveness. You've decided that Earth will be a ball of clay 6 inches in diameter, so the Moon should be: ?
a tennis ball;
a ping pong ball;
a golf ball;
a baseball.

QUESTION 5: Meteor showers are: ?
falling stars;
large chunks of rock;
dust and other debris from comets.

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