QUESTION 1: Most fish can live either in fresh or in salt water but a few manage to survive in both. The European eel migrates from fresh water rivers to spawn in the salty ocean. What well known fish migrates from the salty ocean to spawn in fresh water rivers?

QUESTION 2: Fish "breathe" differently from land animals. They have to get the oxygen they need from dissolved air in the water in which they live. Instead of lungs what organs in a fish absorb the oxygen from the water?

QUESTION 3: What is the name of the curious fish that doesn't look like a fish at all because it swims in an upright position, has a head at right angles to its body, has a long tubular mouth and a prehensile tail?

QUESTION 4: Fish come in all sorts of colors and some are very brightly colored. Where in nature (that means not in your fish tank) are many very colorful fish found?

QUESTION 5: Flounders, halibut, sole and plaice are all very flat. They are called "flatfish". Which way are they flattened?
a) From from from side to side which would mean that they have both eyes on one side of their bodies and spend their lives lying and swimming on their sides?
b) From dorsal (back) to ventral (underneath) surfaces which sounds more likely doesn't it?

QUESTION 6: Fish swim using their tails and their fins. Is it the tail or the fins that actually propel most fish forward?

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