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What do you know about bones? You can test your knowledge by trying to answer the following bone trivia questions, pulled together by Explorit Education Specialist Leslie Berry. Some of the questions are about human anatomy, but others ask you to think about other vertebrates (vertebrates are animals with backbones, and include mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish). The answers could also involve animals that are now extinct. Some of the questions may be a little tricky, and some easier than others.

Here are 10 QUESTIONS     –     First are the human-related questions:

QUESTION 1: What is your "funny bone"?

QUESTION 2: You may actually shrink as much as a half-inch in height each day. What causes this?

QUESTION 3: Where would you find the smallest bones in the human body? What are they called (either English or Latin will do)?

QUESTION 4: Human babies have more than 300 bones at birth, but adults only have 206. Why is this?

QUESTION 5: What historically famous disease, often suffered in the past by sailors, can be prevented by eating plenty of citrus fruit?

Okay, now for some comparative anatomy (that means comparing bones and other body structures of different animals). Remember, an answer could include the bone of any animal, living or extinct, that is a vertebrate.

QUESTION 6: What is the smallest bone known?


QUESTION 7: What is (or was) probably the largest bone known?

QUESTION 8: Which bone grows the fastest?

QUESTION 9: What advantage is there in the presence of many air filled spaces in the bones of birds?

QUESTION 10: Which has more neck bones, a sparrow or a giraffe? What differences in behavior result from the difference in the number of these bones?

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