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What type of solution will turn litmus paper red?
An acid solution
A neutral solution
An alkaline (basic) solution

How many atoms of hydrogen are in each molecule of water?
1 atom of hydrogen
4 atoms of hydrogen
2 atoms of hydrogen

The chemical formula for common salt is NaCl. This formula represents the makeup of each molecule of salt. What chemical is described with the formula KCl?
Lead chloride
Potassium chloride
Phosphorus chloride

When sugar crystals are stirred into water the sugar appears to disappear. What has happened to it?
The sugar has disappeared and no longer exists
A chemical change has taken place between the sugar and the water
The crystals of sugar have broken apart and the sugar molecules are now intermixed with the water molecules.

Many substances are able to exist in more than one state. Air is a mixture of gasses and it exists only as a gas. Water is most commonly thought of as existing in the liquid state but it can exist as both a gas and a solid. At what temperatures does water exist in its solid state?
At 0 degrees Centigrade and below
Between 12 and 5 degrees Centigrade
Between 32 and 10 degrees Centigrade

A chemical reaction occurs when two substances change as a result of an interaction between them. Sometimes the interaction only occurs in the presence of another chemical substance which however, does not itself change. What is this type of "helper" substance called?
A precipitate
A catalyst
A solvent


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