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  1. Question 1. A bone fracture, usually in children, in which only the outer edge of a still somewhat flexible bone is broken, is called a ___?__stick fracture.

  2. Question 2. An infectious viral disease that is prevalent in Central and South America and Africa, is transmitted by mosquitoes, and can cause jaundice is called ___?__ fever.

  3. Question 3. A North American native bush with small white or pink flowers that develop into bunches of small berries traditionally used as a pie filling, is called a ___?__berry bush.

  4. Question 4. Its scientific name is Ursa arctos. It is a powerful animal about seven feet long and three feet high at the shoulders. It has a short tail and long claws and lives in the larger forests of Eurpoe and Asia. A close relative lives in North America. Its common name is the ___?__ bear.

  5. Question 5. A hypothetical (unproved) region of space with a gravitational field so intense that no matter or radiation can escape from it is called a ___?__ hole.

  6. Question 6. Light that has a continuous spectrum of wavelengths and contains all visible colors is called ____?___ light.

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