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QUESTION 1: Elementary School Level - scores 20 points.
Where on Earth would you be if you were in the abyssal plains?
Arctic region
Ocean floor
Australian outback
Himalayan highlands

QUESTION 2: College Level - scores 60 points.
Common bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics can cause serious illnesses. What is the primary source of antibiotics?

Bacteria and fungi
Tropical shrubs
Andean lichens

QUESTION 3: Graduate Level - scores 80 points.
Cosmologists use a discovery made in 1964 as evidence for the Big Bang theory on the birth of our universe. What was that discovery?

Hale-Bopp Comet
Cosmic microwave radiation
Black Holes

QUESTION 4: High School Level - scores 40 points.
Acids can land on surfaces through deposition by rain, as well as snow, fog, sleet, and particles. Which acids are associated with such deposition, commonly known as acid rain?

Hydrochloric and nitric acids.
Hydrochloric and carbonic acids.
Phosphoric and carbonic acids.
Sulfuric and nitric acids.

QUESTION 5: Graduate level- scores 80 points.
If you were advised to consume great quantities of theobromine and phenylethylamine, what would you bring home from the supermarket?

A gallon of wine
A gross of chocolate bars
Hundreds of cough drops
Dozens of strips of chewing gum

QUESTION 6: Graduate School Level - scores 80 points.
What fuels the warp drive for the Starships in Star Trek?

Liquid hydrogen
Gravity generators
Tractor beams
Dilithium crystals


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