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How Does Your Garden Grow?

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The variety of color in a garden is mostly provided by the flowers on the plants although, at certain seasons, leaves can sometimes be other colors than shades of green. What is the name given to the part of a flower that is usually the most colorful?
Stem     sepals     petals     stamens

Some plants continue living year after year (perennials) while others last only for one year (annuals). In either case, they need to reproduce themselves. Which of the following four words is not a method of plant reproduction?
Seeds     bulbs     rhizomes     galls.

There are several types of soil and they each have different properties. Clay soils have very small particles that pack closely together. Sand grains of sandy soils are much larger and pack more loosely. Loam is a soil with a mixture of clay, sand and a significant proportion of humus. Which of these three types of soil will allow water to drain away most easily?
Clay     sand     loam.

In gardens in very dry regions, the plants that grow most successfully are those that are adapted for survival during long periods without rain. Many such plants have fleshy leaves and stems that store water. Examples are ice plant and cactus. What is the scientific name for plants like these that are adapted for survival in dry conditions?
Saprophytes     bryophytes     xerophytes

In which country are the following plants indigenous? Grevilleas, hakeas, banksias, waratahs, bottlebrush, gum trees and wattle. Wattle is the country's national floral emblem and most of its species flower in late winter and spring creating a country that is ablaze with bright yellow and orange flowering shrubs.
India     Australia     Alaska     France

Green plants manufacture their own nourishment from carbon dioxide and water. Initially what they produce is sugar which is ultimately converted into more complex carbohydrates. In addition to carbon dioxide, water, and the presence of chlorophyll, what other single ingredient is essential for the chemical process called photosynthesis to occur?
Nitrogen     Trace elements     Radiant energy     Darkness


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