Body Systems

Explorit's Human Body Quiz

You earn 10 points for each correct answer and lose 5 points for each wrong answer so be careful.

QUESTION 1:   Digestion of food starts in the mouth. Before it is swallowed, food is chewed and manipulated by the tongue into ... ?
a. A bolus
b. Chyme
c. Slime

QUESTION 2:   Air is a mixture of gases. When we breath air into our lungs we absorb oxygen from that air. What gas is excreted from the lungs and added to the air we breath out?
a. Carbon gas
b. Carbon dioxide
c. Nitrogen

QUESTION 3:   How many breaths per minute does the average adult take?
a. 50 breaths
b. 5 breaths
c. 15 breaths

QUESTION 4:   In the circulatory system, specific types of cells carry oxygen throughout the body. Which ones are they?
a. white blood cells
b. red blood cells
c. nerve cells

QUESTION 5:   Your immune system helps to protect you against viruses and bacteria that can cause sickness. Which cells are part of the immune system?
a. white blood cells
b. red blood cells
c. nerve cells

QUESTION 6:   Your body needs certain substances called nutrients for producing new cells and repairing worn and damaged tissue. Which of these is not a nutrient?
a. protein
b. fiber
c. fat

QUESTION 7:   What is the outermost layer of the skin called?
a. epidermis
b. melanin
c. keratin

QUESTION 8:   About how many muscles are there in your body?
a. 200
b. 400
c. 600

QUESTION 9:   To estimate the size of your heart, which one of the following body parts would you use?
a. fist
b. wrist
c. head

QUESTION 10:   Which of these muscles helps support your head on your body?
a. deltoid
b. triceps
c. sternocleidomastoid

QUESTION 11:   The body's central nervous system is composed of the brain and what other structure?
a. spinal cord
b. skull
c. neck

QUESTION 12:   The excretory system works to remove wastes from the body. The body produces liquid, solid and gas wastes. Which organ is responsible for eliminating liquid waste?
a. lungs
b. heart
c. kidneys

QUESTION 13:   Which one of these helps build bones and makes them strong?
a. vinegar
b. calcium
c. sugar

QUESTION 14:   What is the heart muscle called?
a. cardiac muscle
b. skeletal muscle
c. smooth muscle

QUESTION 15:   According to the USDA Food Pyramid, which type of food do you need the most of servings of in your daily intake?
a. fats
b. proteins
c. carbohydrates

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