A Missions-to-Mars Quiz

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  • Question 1. The four planets closest to our Sun are called the Terrestrial Planets. Mars, the outermost of the four, has how many moons?

  • Question 2. Which space mission was the first to successfully land on the planet surface and send data back to Earth?

  • Question 3. Which US spacecraft orbited around Mars, for most of 1972, and took about 7,000 photographs covering about 90 percent of the planet surface including four giant volcanoes?

  • Question 4. Which of the following features (shown in the pull-down menu) have been discovered to be part of the Mars landscape?

  • Question 5. Two US missions to Mars launched spacecraft in 1975. Both spacecraft orbited the planet and sent landing craft to collect data from the surface. One of the missions sent data back to Earth for more than 6 years. What were the names of these missions?

  • Question 6. The NASA (U.S.) Mars Pathfinder spacecraft was launched by a Delta II rocket on December 2, 1996. The journey to Mars took seven months. Now, when Mars' orbit brings it close to Earth, how long does a scientist have to wait for her radio signal to reach Mars?

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