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image 1. Question 1. This nocturnal, carnivorous mammal lives on small animals like rabbits, birds, beetles and worms as well as fruit. It has a keen sense of smell and hearing but poor eyesight. Its Latin name is Vulpes vulpes.

image 2. Question 2. This majestic mammal lives in forests in many parts of the world. It is vegetarian and eats grasses, tender shoots, leaves and tree bark. The massive antlers fall off each winter and grow again in the spring. Its Latin name is Cervus elaphus.

image 3. Question 3. Domesticated in the 8th century BC, this forest dwelling mammal digs up roots and bulbs for food but also eats small animals. Its Latin name is Sus scrofa.

image 4. Question 4. This forest-dwelling, vegetarian mammal is generally nocturnal but does emerge during the day if undisturbed. Its antlers are short and three-pronged. It is the smallest species of its family and its Latin name is Capreolus capreolus.

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