Water, Water Everywhere
Weather on Earth is affected by: its atmosphere of air, the sunlight from the Sun, the fact that Earth rotates, our vast supply of water, and the variety of surfaces (oceans, mountain ranges, deserts, forests, ice sheets ...)


QUESTION 1: Air has weight. Are you surprised? About how heavy do you think all of the air in our skies all around Earth might be?
5 million tons
5 billion tons
5 million, billion tons

QUESTION 2: The surface of Earth is made up of land and water. The water is in rivers and streams, ponds, lakes and reservoirs, oceans and seas, and in the ice at the North and South Poles.
About what percentage of the Earth surface is covered by water?
40 percent
53 percent
64 percent
71 percent

QUESTION 3: Snow that falls when the temperature at ground level is in the low 20 degrees Fahrenheit is the light powder that skiers prefer. On the average, 13 inches of this snow will melt down to how many inches of water?
9 inches
5 inches
1 inch

QUESTION 4: A storm that has a central area of low pressure in the atmosphere surrounded by very strong winds winds travelling in an anti-clockwise direction is called a ?

QUESTION 5: Clouds of all types are simply gatherings of very tiny droplets of water or ice crystals. It would take about 10,000 (ten thousand) typical cloud droplets to cover the head of a pin. Droplets this small do not fall to the ground.
Most of the rain that reaches the ground is from what sort of clouds?

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