Otter, Grey Squirrel,
Badger, Rabbit or Fox ?

1.   My home is called a "drey" and it looks a bit like a bird's nest. I make it from sticks and moss, usually close to a tree trunk, and often in a hole in a tree. I even make my home sometimes in the loft of a human's house. I have a bushy tail, I eat nuts, and I love scrambling high up into the safety of a tree

2.   I live near the river and spend quite a bit of time in the water. My home is in the bank of the river and is called a "holt". I have soft fur, short legs, webbed toes, and a sort of flattened tail.

3.   I live in a hole too but not so close to the water. My home, which is called a "sett" has several exits and entrances and is a complex set of tunnels for me and my family to live in. I have a flattish body, short legs and front feet that are just the right shape for digging.

4.   Some of my kind live above the ground in thick undergrowth where they are protected but I live in an underground "warren" which has a maze of tunnels and several entrances and exits. I have long ears and my back legs are very strong so I can move fast with a loping gait.

5.   I can live almost anywhere; my home is called a "den". Sometimes I take over a tunnel made by someone else; sometimes the original owner and I share the home. But I am very versatile and don't mind living under a house or even in a pile of scrap material. I have sharp teeth and am a meat eater but sometimes eat vegetable material too.

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