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Look here for teacher resources as well as online science quizzes, games, challenges stumpers and more.

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Science on our site is intended to inform, but more importantly to arouse curiosity, lead to questioning and thus promote learning.

➣ Explorit's resources for teachers.  

   Teacher Enrichment Resource Packets are primarily designed to help educators enhance their students' Explorit experiences. These packets also serve as excellent stand-alone resources that provide both background information and hands-on experiments. 

    - Web Of Words is a teacher and student resource for writing science stories and poems about spiders. Fictional writing about real science. In this case the writing must be about spiders.  

 "Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him
and calls the adventure Science. — Edwin Hubble 1954

➣ Interactive - things to do:

  • Quizzes – interactive quizzes for adults and kids
  • Challenges – science questions - with answers - for youth and adults
  • Stumpers– on many topics
  • Human-Body Experiments that you can do - Bones and Muscles; Heart and Circulatory System; Senses and Nervous System; Lungs and Respiratory System; Digestive System; Immune System

➣ Things to learn about:



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