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Little Hands Science Sampler

A collection of fun science activities to try at home.

Station 1: Goo-ology

  • Ooblek: Children and parents will investigate the properties (look, feel, smell, etc.) of a substance that isn't quite a solid or liquid. Recipe here.
  • Explor-ick: Children and parents will investigate another substance that isn't quite a solid or liquid. Recipe here.
  • Digestion: Children will observe a demonstration of “Digestion in a zipper bag.” Lesson plan available online.
  • Compost: Children will investigate compost for signs of life, and describe what they find.

Station 2: Animals Around Us

  • Cockroaches: Participants will be able to handle live insects, and discuss their lifestyles with volunteers. Cockroach FAQ.
  • Camouflage: Children can handle furs, play camouflage games, and color camouflaged animal pictures.
  • Skulls: Children can handle and observe animal skulls, and investigate the differences between meat-eaters, plant-eaters, and omnivores.

Station 3: Up, Up, and Away!

  • Airplanes: Children can practice flying paper airplanes, and modify a plane to take with them.
  • Cloud Races: Children can use a straw and a cotton ball to simulate wind blowing clouds.
  • Floating and Falling: Using a fan and a cylinder, a vertical wind chamber will be created. Children and parents can use helicopter patterns, Dixie cups, and assorted paper materials to make items to test in the wind chamber.


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