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Animals Around Us: Camouflage

Activity Objectives

  • Students will gain an understanding of the importance of camouflage to a variety of animals.

Vocabulary/Literature Resource

  • Camouflage, blending in, color, pattern, habitat
  • Adapted from ESC’s “Amazing Animals” Classroom Adventure Program

Materials Chart

Consumable supplies to gather and/or purchase:  

  • Pictures of camouflaged/uncamouflaged animals
  • Colored foam punchouts
  • Coloring pictures of animals
  • Crayons   

Permanent supplies

  • Tweezers
  • Container with aquarium gravel
  • Timer
  • Tray
  • Furs
  • Preserved animals

Activity Plan

  • Have students color the camouflaged animal pictures. Encourage them to choose colors that help their animals to blend in.
  • Have students try to identify animals that are camouflaged in the sets of animal photographs.
  • Investigate the furs and preserved animals.  Ask students to decide whether they think that these animals are camouflaged in their natural habitats.
  • Students can also play the camouflage game.  They should try to find as many foam pieces amongst the aquarium rock as possible before time runs out. Ask them which pieces were the easiest or most difficult to find.
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