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Up, Up, and Away: Floating/Falling

Activity Objectives

  • Students will experiment with a wind chamber, and see what floats and what falls on a chamber of air.

Vocabulary/Literature Resource

  • Float, fall, lift, thrust

Materials Chart

Consumable supplies to gather and/or purchase:    

  • Dixie cups
  • Coffee filters
  • Scratch paper
  • Helicopter seed pattern   

Permanent supplies:

  • Fan with base (fan should be able to point directly up)
  • Large piece of paperboard or clear acrylite sheet
  • Stepstool or chair to stand on
  • Scissors

Activity Plan

Advanced preparation - Make vertical wind tunnel:

  • Form paperboard or acrylite sheet into a large tube with about the same diameter as the fan.
  • Place tube on fan when fan is pointing straight into the air.  Secure with tape.
  • When fan is on air should blow up through tube creating the vertical wind tunnel
Students can make items to test in the chamber, to see whether they will float or fall. Creativity is encouraged! Other items from this station can be tested as well

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