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Special Funds

Explorit has three special funds to which bequests and other types of contributions at all levels can be made at any time. These are permanent funds and are restricted for specific purposes.

The Anne Hance Endowment Fund

Income from the Anne Hance Endowment Fund provides support for ongoing programs to help advance the mission of Explorit. Anne Hance is one of Explorit's co-founders and was the center's first executive director. This fund was created in 1993 upon Anne's retirement.

The Ethel Sassenrath Scholarship Fund

Furthering the tradition of making Explorit as accessible as possible, the Sassenrath Scholarship Fund was created in October 1998 when Ethel retired as a longtime member of our Board of Trustees. This fund allows Explorit to provide programs to low-income schools and individuals for free or at a reduced rate. Applications are encouraged and are subject to careful review to ensure that the benefit serves the most needy.

The Evelyn Buddenhagen Facilities Fund

Previously known as the Space Fund, monies from this fund help with facilities expansion and improvement. As Explorit continues to grow, there is a continual need to expand and improve the public space. These funds are used as needed according to priorities set annually by the Board of Trustees.

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