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Vehicle Donation Program

It's as easy as filling out a form. Explorit benefits and you get a tax deduction.

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Thanks for donating your car!

If your vehicle has a motor, you can donate it!  We accept  cars, trucks, motorcycles, riding mowers, RV's, jet skis, snowmobiles and more. They needn't be in working condition.

Making a vehicle donation is quicker and more convenient than selling it, and it's more rewarding than trading it in. You'll feel good knowing your contribution supports Explorit's hands-on science programs.          

The process is handled by a company based in Rancho Cordova. Here's how it works:

▪ Complete our Vehicle Donation Form (95.5 kB) and follow its instructions. 

▪ Within 48 hours, a representative of the company  will contact you to arrange pick-up of your vehicle.

▪ The vehicle will be towed away by a professionally licensed, bonded and insured towing company - so it's hassle-free. You get your donation receipt at the time of pick-up

▪ The company handles the process from start to finish - saving you the headache.

In general, the IRS allows taxpayers to claim a tax deduction of the value of a donated vehicle up to $500. If the Rancho Cordova company sells your vehicle for more than $500, it will mail you a completed IRS tax form 1098-C with that value for your tax purposes.

Additional information is available in the IRS' Donor's Guide to Car Donations, a 16-page PDF called IRS Publication 4303.

Thank you for considering this form of donation. For more information please contact Explorit.

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