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Wish list

There are many ways to give to Explorit. Look here for a list of goods and services that would help Explorit's programs and operations ("in-kind donations").

Educational Programs

  • School supplies (pencils, crayons, dry-erase markers, washable  markers, invisible tape, masking tape, single hole-punchers)
  • Arts and crafts supplies (construction paper, black construction  paper, paint brushes, craft sticks, straws, toothpicks)
  • Simple 'chemistry' supplies (baking soda, vinegar, Alka-seltzer,  corn starch)
  • Recycled materials (empty egg cartons, toilet paper tubes, paper  towel tubes, old CDs, empty dental floss containers, coffee cup  sleeves, film canisters).
  • New van, SUV, or station wagon for Explorit's outreach programs
  • Magnetic dry erase boards
  • Arts and crafts supplies


  • Macintosh compatible wide format printer
  • Cordless power tool set
  • Woodworking tools (good condition)
  • Display cases
  • Scientific scale (sensitive to 1/10 gram)
  • Digital video camera
  • Subscriptions or very recent copies of general science magazines for adults such as Scientific American, Science News, and Discover.
  • Subscriptions or recent copies of general science magazines for kids such as Ranger Rick and National Geographic Kids.

Office/Communications Needs

  • Macintosh computers (G5 level or better)
  • Macintosh compatible laser printers
  • 4 drawer file cabinet

For the Explorit Store:

  • Small, lighted, tabletop display box/cabinet for mineral (crystal) specimens or other small items



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