What scientists were born on today's date?

May 23
Pacific Time Zone

Carl Linnaeus (Taxonomy)
Birthday: 1707, Rahult, Smaland, Sweden
Carl Linnaeus was the son of Nils Ingemarsson. He adopted a new surname based on the name of the linden tree near his home. Linnaeus invented the binomial system of naming animals and plants with Latin names that still we use today. Every known animal or plant is classified with a generic name and a species name. He saw it as his mission to classify, record and name all living things.

John Bardeen (Physics)
Birthday: 1908, Madison, Wisconsin, USA
John Bardeen earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from Wisconsin and his PhD in mathematical physics at Harvard in 1935. In 1945 he went to work for the Bell Telephone Laboratory where he did the work for which he received the first Nobel Prize. In 1951 he moved to the University of Illinois where he remained until his death in 1991. Bardeen is the only person so far to have been awarded two Nobel Prizes in Physics. The first, awarded in 1956 was shared with William Shockley () and Walter Brattain and was for the discovery of the transistor effect. The second, in 1972, was shared with Leon Cooper and was for their work on a theoretical explanation of superconductivity.

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