What scientist was born on today's date?

December 10
Pacific Time Zone

Augusta Ada Byron, Lady Lovelace (Mathematics)
Birthday: 1815, London, England
Augusta Ada Byron, daughter of the poet Byron, was raised by her mother to be a mathematician and scientist. In 1834 she met Charles Babbage (December 26) and became intrigued with his idea for a calculating engine (machine). In 1843 Ada translated from French into English an account of Babbage's plans and added her own very substantial notes. She predicted that such a machine could be used to compose music and calculate, for example, Bernouilli numbers. In 1979 a software language was named Ada in her honor.

Howard Martin Temin (Biology)
Birthday: 1934, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Howard Martin Temin, a virologist, developed a technique for measuring the growth of a virus and suggested that viruses can alter the genetic code of cells that they attack. In 1970 Temin isolated an enzyme, found in retroviruses, known now as reverse transcriptase, that can transfer viral RNA to cellular DNA. Temin shared the 1975 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

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