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Activity Objectives

  • Students will practice flying airplanes, and will be given the chance to modify a basic design to make a plane that flies the way they would like it to.

Vocabulary/Literature Resource

  • Vocabulary: Fly, glide, wing, nose, body, tail, lift


Consumable supplies to gather and/or purchase:   

  • Pre-folded paper airplanes, simple design

  • Crayons

  • Paper clips   

Permanent supplies

  • Scissors

Activity Plan

  • Students and parents should be encouraged to take a paper airplane and try flying it. After a flight, students can be asked to think of ways to make their plane fly better. Some ideas:

  • Paper clips can be added to the nose for weight.

  • Flaps can be cut in the tail. Angle up to increase lift, angle down to give less lift, see what happens when one is up and one is down.

  • Encourage children to come up with their own creative ideas, and try them out!


Cloud Races

Activity Objectives 

  • Students will learn about the effect that wind has on other objects, including clouds.

Vocabulary/Literature Resource

  • Vocabulary: Wind, Cloud

  • Adapted from ESC summer science camp 2007


Consumable supplies to gather and/or purchase:

  • Cotton Balls

  • (Clean) Straws

Activity Plan

  • Ask students if they have ever seen clouds moving in the sky. What makes those clouds move? Wind! Explain that we are going to play a game that shows a little bit about how clouds move.

  • Each child gets their own straw and one cotton ball.

  • Students line up at a start line, and on a signal, blow their cotton balls across to the finish line. Encourage all students to finish regardless of who is first.

Possible Modifications/Links to Other Activities:
Could be played as a team game, relay race style.



Activity Objectives 

  • Students will experiment with a wind chamber, and see what floats and what falls on a chamber of air.

Vocabulary/Literature Resource

  • Vocabulary: Float, fall, lift, thrust


Consumable supplies to gather and/or purchase:    

  • Dixie cups

  • Coffee filters

  • Scratch paper

  • Helicopter seed pattern   

Permanent supplies:

  • Fan with base (fan should be able to point directly up)

  • Large piece of paperboard or clear acrylite sheet

  • Stepstool or chair to stand on

  • Scissors

Activity Plan

Advanced preparation - Make vertical wind tunnel:

  • Form paperboard or acrylite sheet into a large tube with about the same diameter as the fan.

  • Place tube on fan when fan is pointing straight into the air.  Secure with tape.

  • When fan is on air should blow up through tube creating the vertical wind tunnel

Students can make items to test in the chamber, to see whether they will float or fall. Creativity is encouraged! Other items from this station can be tested as well.

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